Saturday, May 20, 2023

SharePoint Dictionary

The world of SharePoint everyday gets more complicated and intricate. Therefore, in order to understand and maneuver through this vast technology ecosystems platform, knowing the proper terminology will prove invaluable.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The Psychology of SharePoint

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The Psychology of SharePoint

SharePoint is a complex toolset which involves a different mindset at times in regard to working, troubleshooting and evangelizing. Therefore, provided in this book are several core and key topical based items grouped by high-level topics to utilize and be aware of to master SharePoint from a psychology standpoint. The aspects listed can be utilized for both SharePoint Online cloud and SharePoint on-premise based environments for planning and implementing based purposes.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Linux Quiz

The following Linux quiz is meant to be a fun way to sharpen one's Linux knowledge. The 110 questions are based upon real working aspects for those interested in Linux. Ideally the questions are those that a system administrator, power user and an end user or student looking to further their knowledge in this area will find useful. 


Basic Simple Commands

Network Commands

Text Processing Commands

Monitoring Commands

Linux Architecture

Linux Commands & Definitions

Grep Commands

Sed Commands

Awk Commands

Basic Scripting

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Linux Useful One Liner Commands Instructor Guide

Linux is utilized within the world of information technology in a very broad manner. Therefore, the items presented here are useful one liner commands that encompass real world scenarios that are applicable to a system administrator, power user and an end user or student looking to further their knowledge in this area. 

The guide is meant to be utilized by an individual whom will be reviewing via demonstration format these useful one liner commands.

Table of Contents:

Display and List One-Liners

List Hidden Files And Directories First:

Displays Build of Distribution:

Display Disk Usage in Human Readable Format:

Display Only The Total Disk Usage (Summary) Of Current Directory:

Display Day Of The Year:

Display Lines From Head And Tail:

Press A Key To Continue:

Shows Size Of Files And Directories Sorted:

Count Files In Current Directory:

Monitoring And Using One-Liners

Most Used Commands:

Monitor CPU Speed:

View All Network Activity In Real Time:

View The TCP Connection Status By Group:

Monitoring Kernel Messages:

Total Disk Space Used In Current Directory And Root Directory:

Process Tree With Details:

Check CPU Architecture:

Services And Processes Related One-Liners

Get Running Services By Port Number:

Processes Per User Count:

File Related One-Liners

Find And Delete Specific Type Of Files:

Find All Files And Paths That Do Not Have .txt:

Find Latest Version Of Given File:

Find Files That Contain test, hello and txt:

Find Open Files:

Test Text Writing With Delay:

Vertical Text Display:

Create Sequence Of Numbers 1 To 15 In Perl:

Display Today’s Date:

Octal Dump Of A File:

Run Multiple Commands Against A File:

Match Characters In A String And Return The Matches In Groups Of Two Characters:

Match 10 Characters In A String:

Match Characters Between Brackets:

Search C File And Output Printf Statement:

Search C File And Output Printf And Return Statements:

Match String In C File That Starts With The (" and Ends With the "):

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Linux Dictionary A-Z

Linux Dictionary A-Z

The world of Linux is complicated and intricate. Therefore, in order to understand and maneuver through this vast technology and business environments platform, knowing the proper terminology from A-Z will prove valuable. Each entry is explained with useful parameters, options and examples when relevant.

Monday, December 19, 2022

35 Core Aspects for an Agile Scrum Mindset

The notion of this book started by keeping core and key notes and organizing them in a manila folder. With subject matter encompassing various business techniques and scenarios on what worked and made proper sense at that time, all while keeping an Agile Scrum mindset.

Thus, the ideas and thoughts have been organized into proper categories so one can utilize them to enhance an appetite for knowledge. After each topic, a real working life thought or scenario that was encountered relevant to that topic is told.

Product Backlog and Operating Procedures

1) Before Starting A Project

2) Scrum Master Role Explained

3) Use Deep Method

4) Story Writing

5) Acceptance Criteria (Confirmation)

6) Standard Operating Procedures

7) Application Requirements Guide for Fact Gathering

8) For Growth

Sprint Planning

9) Sprint Planning Format

10) Estimate When Work Will Be Done

11) Estimate A Project

12) Task Board of Work

13) The 4 Nevers

14) Eleven Steps to Problem Solving

Sprint Backlog

15) Sprint Backlog Should

16) Estimation of Story Work

17) Common Estimation Units

18) 4 Core Software Development Project Phases

Daily Scrum

19) Communication Preferences

20) Praise

Product Increment

21) Problem Solving

22) Concerning Guiding Topics

23) Project Management – Best Practices

24) User Story Mapping


25) Definition of Done

26) Continuous Improvement

27) Product Roadmap – Planning

28) Five Phases for Vision

29) Simple Financial Report

30) Keeping Projects – On Time & Within Budget

Sprint Review

31) STAR Methodology (Stage Action Roles)

Sprint Retrospective

32) Retrospective Meeting Agenda

33) Sprint Review Metrics

34) The 5 What's

35) Individual/Team Development